Linkedin Integration

I used WP LinkedIn Auto Publish to link my personal account to my WordPress blog. It’s a simple yet effective plugin as it allows posting to personal LinkedIn accounts, So I didn’t have to worry about having a company account and creating applications on that account. All I had to do was to authorize the plugin to post on my LinkedIn, after that my account was connected to the WordPress and I can publish any post to LinkedIn which I make here.

After writing my posts, they get automatically posted to my LinkedIn account. For posts I’ve created before installing this plugin, in the posts section, I can simple click on Share now link on the corresponding post which makes that post to be published on my LinkedIn account. Only the link to the post is shared with its title. So, users can click on the link and land on my post. Below is the screenshot of how can I click on Share now button if its not already shared and it gets shared.

This is a really nice plugin as it doesn’t need my LinkedIn account to be a developer account. Its because the plugin I installed has their app registered with LinkedIn and I’m just giving that app the permission to post to my LinkedIn account. It’s risky but helps avoid the hassle of getting LinkedIn account which can normally be used. Which by the way should be the method used in production environment.

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